Heartaches, Hits and Other Stories chronicles the life of hit country music songwriter, Mary Welch Francis.  Mary wrote this book not as a “how to” book, but as a way to chronicle her journey through the songwriting business.  Mary takes us from her early years in Nashville to the present day in a very unique, story-driven way.  Along the way, Mary has met some of the biggest names in country music and has co-written with some of the businesses best songwriters.  If you are a budding songwriter, a country music lover, or someone who likes to read about the lives of interesting people, you will want to read this book.

Would you like to know...

Would you like to read...

"Never before revealed stories about Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Hank Cochran, Whitey Shafer and others?"  

"Why Sam Houston and Willie Nelson left Tennessee for Texas?"
"The story behind two major hit songs?
"What really takes place in a 'song pitching' session?"
"What it's like to meet George Jones and spend some time with Martin Sheen?"
"Little known facts about Tennessee and Nashville history?"
"Stories about the music business you won't hear anywhere else?"

All of this and more!!!


Here's what people are saying about the book...

"Mary, I really enjoyed the book and I thought it had a lot of very cogent information which everyone, not just songwriters, could benefit from."
- Bob Morrison in Nashville, TN
Country Music Songwriters Hall of Fame Member
 "Mary, I could hardly put it down. I found it riveting chapter to chapter, through the family history, to the wonders of your career and great success, to the grandly entertaining tales that only you can tell. Congratulations --- it's a true hit!"
- Margaret Smith in Nashville, TN
"I just finished the book. Such fun and an interesting insight into the industry.  Hope others will buy it, too."
- Julia Whaley Aden in Nashville, TN

"I have been navigating a particularly difficult book for a book club meeting, forcing myself to read 50 pages; then there is YOUR book which I absolutely loved! I made myself read 50 pages of the other before I could read anymore of your book; your stories were like my dessert after cleaning my plate of unsavory items. I admire you for following your heart and standing up to malevolent forces in your life. You have had to be a "one person show"  for much of the time and you would not be where you are without that stubbornness and unwillingness to accept the status quo. It's a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

- Mary Holt Adams in Buda, TX

"Mary Francis’ book was a quick read and lots of fun! Since I am a Native Nashvillian, I really appreciated knowing the “Inside scoop” on a lot of our famous musicians. I highly recommend this read, you will laugh out loud a lot."
- Cheryl Plummer in Nashville, TN
Hard to put down, I would think, “I’ve got to go fix dinner,” and then halfway to the kitchen, I would say to myself, “Just one more chapter, maybe two, and then I can fix dinner.”   Honest, sincere, genuine and a new dimension of Mary. 
- J. Howe in Shelbyville, TN
"I absolutely LOVED the book.  One of the main reasons I loved the book was that I could read each story individually.  I did not have to go back if I put the book down and reread the end of the last chapter to refresh my memory.  I liked the fact that each chapter stood on its own, but it all flowed together.  Great stories."

- Carol Westbrook in Charlotte, North Carolina

"I just finished reading Heartaches, Hits and Other Stories. What a fantastic book. I'm so grateful Mary shared these stories with us!!! It's good for everyone, but also good for songwriters to read and understand sometimes quickly or sometimes slowly it will materialize if we work for it!! Great job Mary !!!"

Mary Lyn Bates in Southern California

"The book was fabulous!"
- Jane Grannis in Nashville, TN

"I LOVED the book!!"
Cathy Bonnet in Nashville, TN

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My special guests included bob morrison, Gerald smith and jack daniels.


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